Contact Details

We will be sending out a copy of the contact details for each family.  We’d ask parents to make any necessary corrections and return these to Claudia in the office, even if changes aren’t required.  Once these are all returned, we will send out the list of contact details of the families in your child’s class who have given permission will be distributed to all the parents.


After-School Clubs

The range of after-school clubs available will be more limited this year as we no longer have a spare classroom.  Clubs for Junior and Senior Infants will take place from 13.30 to 14.30.  Clubs for First Class will take place from 14.30 to 15.30.  The sign-up for the first term will be posted on the noticeboard in the corridor.  The clubs on offer this term, subject to sufficient interest, will be:

Music with Lisa on Mondays

19th Sept through 12th Dec – €65 for 13 sessions

Visual Arts with Sylvia on Tuesdays

20th Sept through 29th Nov – €60 for 10 sessions

Basketball with Vivienne on Wednesdays

28th Sept through 14th December (excluding 16th and 23rd Nov) – €45 for 9 sessions


Parking and Drop-offs

As you are aware, the car park is a very busy place.  RSA, our neighbours, have been very respectful about not parking in the spaces assigned to our school.  They have kindly asked parents not to use the reserved spaces for RSA when dropping off children in the morning.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Enrolment for Siblings

Please note that our enrolment policy does not include a right of entry for siblings.  It is strictly first come, first served.  Therefore, we recommend pre-enrolling all younger siblings as soon as possible using our website (  If you are in doubt whether a pre-enrolment application has been received, contact Claudia in the school office.


Junior Infant Full Day

Our new junior infants have had a great start, and they’ll begin attending school for the full day, going home at 13.30.  Please remember there will be two lunch breaks.  Thanks for sending in healthy lunches!



Children in First Class started having homework this past week.  Children in Senior Infants will begin having homework this coming week.  Junior Infants will begin having homework in late October.  Homework will only be given Monday-Thursday.  Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any questions.


Cooking with Our Courgettes

First Class made courgette bread using the courgettes grown in the school garden and by some children at home.  These plants were started from seeds last Spring.  They shared the courgette bread with the junior and senior infants.  Copies of the recipe, for those who want to try to make it at home, will be available next week.