Distance Learning

Continued thanks to everyone for all their hard work and efforts over the past week! It is great to see the fantastic engagement from everyone involved including staff, parents and children.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

You will receive an email from your child’s class teacher this week that will include a short report about your child’s progress sometime this week. You will also receive an email from me to let you know that an appointment for a phone call with your child’s teacher can be made using Aladdin Connect. While appointment times will be specific, you can expect a phone call anytime within that hour. For example, there may be four appointment times listed (14.00, 14.15, 14.30 and 14.45). You can choose any time, but you should expect a phone call anytime from 14.00- 15.00 for any of these appointments. This will give teachers flexibility in case they can’t reach a parent at a specific time. Please note that the phone call may come from an unknown number. If none of the times work for you, please contact your child’s teacher to make an alternative arrangement. We look forward to having these conversations. Please email your child’s class teacher or Matt if you have any questions.

Reading Books or Materials

If anyone requires any copybooks or stationery, the school will be opened on Tuesday and Thursday from 10.30-12.30. This would also be a chance to exchange any leveled reading books as well.

Whole-School Assembly

Thank you to everyone who attended the assembly on Friday. Apologies for those who received a message that the meet was full. We weren’t aware that the settings capped participants at 100. This has been corrected now, so we will be able to have everyone in the assembly this Friday at 12.30.

Special Online Learning Sessions

This week, in addition to the various tasks and Meets set by class teachers, again there will be some additional, optional online learning opportunities. Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 13.30 there will be a another music session for Junior and Senior Infants, though others are welcome too. This will continue on with some of the skills introduced last week and will be all about animals.

For children in 1 st to 3rd class (though others are welcome to join), there will be a Games session on Wednesday at 13.30. We’ll play several word and thinking games led by Matt. All you’ll need is some paper, a pencil and your brain!

For 4th and 5th class, we will have another live Kahoot, an online quiz on Thursday at 14.00. Details for this activity will be posted in Google Classroom.