Distance Learning

A big thank you to everyone for getting off to a great start with the distance learning. Firstly, a big thank you to the staff for quickly establishing routines and working so hard to provide continuity for children’s learning. Secondly, a big thank you to all the parents, as we are very dependent on your help and support to make this successful. Finally, a big thanks to all the children for your engagement, positivity and great effort so far. As is always the case, please reach out to the staff if you require any support, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Junior Infants sharing their engineering creations

Google Meets

On occasion there will be opportunities for live classes and assemblies using Google Meet. Everyone has probably had one now. Matt has put together a short video showing how to use all the features of Meets.

Whole-School Assembly

Everyone is invited to attend a live whole-school assembly this Friday at 12.30. Representatives from each class will share with everyone about their learning for the past two weeks. We’ll do some other activities together and celebrate birthdays.

Special Online Learning Sessions

This week, in addition to the various tasks set by class teachers, there will be some additional, optional online learning opportunities. Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 13.30 there will be a music session for Junior and Senior Infants, though others are welcome too. This will be a food-inspired series of activities around singing, rhythm and an introduction to basic music notation.

For children in 1st to 3rd class (though others can join), there will be a science lesson on Wednesday at 13.30. It will be all about sound as we learn about vibrations, how sound waves travel and what effects the pitch and volume. Children can just observe and make predictions, or they can bring any or all of the following to try the activities with Matt. – Fork and string – Water or wine glasses (two), water – Toothpick – Plastic straws (sadly paper straws won’t work) – Scissors For 4th and 5th class, we will have a live Kahoot, an online quiz on Thursday at 14.00. Details for this activity will be posted in Google Classroom.