School Closure

It is with a mix of disappointment but also an acknowledgement of the serious nature of the situation that we must announce the closure of the school for a minimum of three weeks, as directed by the Department of Education and Skills. We hope this is a short-term situation and understand the challenges it will present to parents, staff and children.

During the closure, we are committed to implementing a distance learning programme much like what was happening during the third term before the summer holidays. In a separate attachment, you will see the policy that will direct this distance learning.

Teachers will be using Seesaw and/or Google Classroom as communication methods. Tasks and activities will be shared through these platforms and will allow direct communication between teachers and children and parents at home. For new pupils to the school, you will be invited to complete a permission form via Aladdin Connect for these platforms. Any required login details will be sent to parents by Friday.

Teachers will use these platforms to upload tasks and communicate with pupils. Children should engage on a daily basis, acknowledging that various circumstances may inhibit this. The most important thing is to ensure your child and your family are feeling a sense of safety and comfort. This distance learning experience should not be a source of tension or stress for families as we know this is a challenging time for everyone.

To support the learning during this period, we are going to arrange a collection of books and learning materials from the school for this Friday. Each class will have a one hour time frame to collect the materials.

Junior Infants – 9.00-10.00

Senior Infants – 10.00-11.00

1st Class – 11.00-12.00

2nd Class – 12.00-13.00

3rd Class – 13.00-14.00

4th Class – 14.00-15.00

5th Class – 15.00-16.00

If the assigned time above does not work for you or you are unable to collect the books personally, please email Matt to make an alternate arrangement.

Parents can collect the materials for all siblings during one visit. We’d ask that only one adult from each family comes for the collection of the books, that a face covering is worn and that no congregation of parents may take place. Parents should walk clockwise around the school bulding in the same way they would when dropping their children in the morning. There will be no need to enter the building. If required, please form a queue with social distancing as you wait to collect the materials. You may wish to bring a bag to carry the items.

For families who do not have a device that their child can use during this period, the school can arrange the loan of a laptop. These can be collected on Friday as well. Parents will have to sign an agreement regarding the use of the device which is found in the attached Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

By Sunday evening you will receive an email from your child’s class teacher letting you know that the learning activities have been posted. From this point onwards, parents and pupils can check the Seesaw or Google Classroom platforms on a regular basis. Emails sent by the school will always be sent from Matt’s email address. You are welcome to reply to these emails, but for the fastest method of contacting teachers parents should email teachers directly. The email addresses are the teacher’s first name followed by

For those parents deemed to be essential workers, Afterschool @ KETNS are organising child care. Please contact Jenni ( or 087 6243599) as soon as possible for further information.

Matt has made a short video message for the children. We appreciate your patience as we begin this period of distance learning. Please reach out to Matt or the teachers if you need any assistance.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

As planned previously, teachers will email a short report about your child’s progress later this month. Then, parents will be invited to make an appointment from your child’s class teacher at the end of January. Further details will follow.