Anti-Bullying Workshop for Parents

A reminder that the Parent-Teacher Association is hosting an Anti-Bullying Workshop on Tuesday, 13th February from 19.00-21.00 at the school.


Early Dismissal

To faciliate the training of staff on new child protection guidelines, the school will have an early dismissal at 12.00 on Wednesday, 14th February.  Sincere apologies for the short notice.  Afterschool @ KETNS will open at 12.00 that day.  Children who do not normally attend are welcome.  Please speak to Wioleta to book a place as soon as possible.


Mid-Term Break

A reminder that the school will be closed for two days for the mid-term break on Thursday, 15th and Friday 16th February.  Places are still available for the camp run by Afterschool @ KETNS.


School Closure

The school will be closed to facilitate a seminar for the teaching staff on the implementation of the new Primary Language Curriculum on Friday, 27th April.


Cooking Class

The Westside Community Resource Centre is running a class for men, particularly dads, on cooking and nutrition. It will start this coming Thursday evening, February the 15th. Contact the Centre on 528325 to express interest.


Friendship Week

The school will mark the upcoming week as Friendship Week.  Each class will be doing lessons on kindness, maintaining friendships and recognising and standing up for others’ rights.  As part of the week, bilingual friendship bracelets will be available from your child’s teacher for a suggested donation of €2.  The proceeds will support Amnesty International’s education programmes on human rights.  First Class made beautiful posters to launch Friendship Week.

Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday (Máirt na bPancóg) will be celebrated on Tuesday.  We will have gluten- and dairy-free options available.  You might want to practise these Irish phrases in preparation.

Is breá liom pancóga.  (Iss brah lyum pan-coe-guh) – I love pancakes!

Ba mhaith liom  __________ ar mo phancóg.  (Buh wah lyum ______ air muh fan-coeg) – I would like ______ on my pancake.

síoróp (she-rope) – syrup

mil (mil) – honey

líomóid agus siúcra (lee-moej ah-gus shoo-cruh) – lemon and sugar