School Photos

County Photos will be at the school on Wednesday, 24th March to take school pictures.  Special procedures will be in place.  Rather than whole-class photos, children will be photographed individually and then in pods, and the pictures will be put together to create the class photo.    

Spring Break

Our final day of this term will be on Friday, 26th March.  It will be an early dismissal, with Infants finishing at 11.50 and all other classes at 12.00.  Parents who are collecting older siblings can collect younger siblings at the same time.  We hope everyone has a very restful break.  School will re-open on Monday, 12th April.

Creative Schools

We look forward to beginning our Creative Schools project.  The focus is on Barna Woods.  Different classes will be involved in different aspects of the project. 

Starting on Tuesday and Thursday this week, Infants will visit Barna Woods on each of those days.  They should bring wellies and be dressed for the weather.  Circus and movement-based activities, inspired by creating pathways in the forest, will be explored led by Amélie Bal. 

Children in 1st to 3rd Class will make nature notebooks.  Children in these classes are encouraged to gather any recycled papers, wrapping paper and especially brown paper from packaging to be used in their notebooks. They’ll bring them in once the workshop is scheduled.  They will use them on visits to the woods in preparation for drawing and creating creatures inspired by the woods. 

Then, later in April and May 4th and 5th classes, in addition to visits to the woods, will create a virtual world incorporating the pathways and creatures created by the younger classes. 

Frasaí na Gaeilge

Here are a few more phrases to try using at home over the next few weeks.

Dia dhuit (jee-uh gwitch) – Hello!

An bhfuil ocras/tart/tuirse ort? (on will uck-rus/tart/tear-shuh urt) – Are you thirsty/hungry/tired?

Tá ocras/tart/tuirse orm. (tah uck-rus/tart/tear-shuh urm) – I am hungry/thirsty/tired.

Níl ocras/tart/tuirse orm. (neel uck-rus/tart/tear-shuh urm) – I’m not hungry/thirsty/tired.