School Photos
By now you should have received the proofs for the school photos. Ideally, these can be ordered online using the details provided on the form, but the proofs and orders can also be returned to the school. To order online, use the unique access code and school code (GY402) on the proofs which can be used to order prints via Please have your orders submitted by Friday, 23rd April. Online orders may be purchased after this date, but you may have to pay
delivery fees.

May Bank Holiday
As planned in the original academic calendar for the year, we will be closed for the full week of the May Bank Holiday, from Monday, 3 rd May to Friday, 7th May
inclusive. Afterschool @ KETNS will be running a four-day camp open to all families.

After-school Clubs
We are pleased to be able to resume the afterschool clubs in Evasion Games, Soccer and Superhero Training. This will resume after the May Bank Holiday break.

Evasion Games will take place on Mondays for 6 weeks, beginning on 10th May and finishing on 21st June. There will not be a session on 7th June because of the June Bank Holiday. Senior Infants will have a session from 13.30-14.30. Then 1st to 5th Classes, subject to sufficient interest in each class, will be from 14.30-15.30 with the
participants kept in their class bubbles. If your child is participating for the first time, the fee for the six sessions is €30. If your child had participated previously 3 sessions
are owed, so the additional fee will be €15. Parents must pay up front for the sessions, and we’d kindly ask any parents who haven’t paid for the sessions from the first term to pay at the end of the first session on the 10th May. A reminder that the sessions will go ahead in all types of weather, and children should be dressed accordingly.

Soccer will resume with Enda for infants from 13.30-14.30. Junior Infants will attend on Wednesdays and Senior Infants will attend on Thursdays. Enda and Ronan
will have sessions for older class as well, keeping them in class bubbles for all activities. 1st and 2nd will attend on Wednesdays from 14.30-15.30. There will be 7 sessions beginning the 12th/13th May. The cost per child is €35, though children who had paid the full amount for the first term will not have to pay for some lessons that are owed.

Superhero Training will take place for Junior and Senior Infants on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively beginning on the 12th/13th May. The seven sessions will
be €40.