Parent-Teacher Association Meeting

Many thanks to those parents who attended the last PTA meeting. The minutes from the meeting are attached.

Preparation for First Holy Communion

Classes to prepare children for making their First Holy Communion are organised by the Diocesan Office for children in 2nd Class. If you are interested in your child participating, please reply to this email. We will then put those parents in contact with the organisers of the classes.

Whole-School Assembly

Our next whole-school assembly will take place on Friday. Please note, it will take place at 9.30. While most will be in the school, many will be joining from home. The focus is going to be a celebration of World Book Day. Whether you’re at home or at school, you might like to dress up as your favourite character from a book. We’ll share and discover some new books and celebrate the joy of reading. We’ll also look at the logos and mottos submitted for the Green School campaign. If you have a logo or motto to submit for consideration, please send it to Matt by Thursday.


We are having an online quiz on Thursday for those children learning from home. We’re delighted to invite those in 3rd Class to give it a go if they wish. The quiz will be on Thursday at 13.30. All the information on how to participate will be available on Seesaw for 3rd Class and as usual on Google Classroom for those in 4th and 5th Class.

Both Junior Infants and Senior Infants visited Barna Woods and Cappagh Park, making the most of the nice weather and celebrating the return to the school building.

Parent Teacher Association Meeting Minutes


24th February 2021 @ 7pm


Via Google Meet

In Attendance

Karen, Gosia, Karolina, Diana, Aine, Clare, Matt, Bertrand, Cian, Sandra

Online Fundraiser Raffle

 Plan to raffle the unused prizes collected for the cancelled 2020 Spring Fair.

 To take place mid-late March 2021.

 Sourcing online platform to hold raffle, currently comparing fees for relevant platforms.

Relationship and Sexuality (RSE) Committee

A Parent-Teacher Committee draft an RSE policy, and this recommendation will be brought forward for review with parents and the Board of Management.

Healthy Eating

The Healthy Eating Policy was reviewed. Healthy eating will continue to be encouraged in school. There was a suggestion for lunch recipes ideas to be shared and discussed by children.

Road Safety at Drop-off and Collection times

New school road markings and signage will be provided by Galway City Council and will be placed outside the school for safety.

Next PTA Meeting

To be announced.