Dear Children and Parents,

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and safe. I also hope you all had a good break. Continued thanks for all your support with the learning plans. It is important to remember that you know your child best and how to engage with the learning plans in a way that suits you. Most importantly, look for ways to spend time together and to create positive memories of this unusual time.

I made another video message for everyone here.

Lovely to hear all your news
Some students in 4th Class wrote poems inspired by looking out their window and this is Melody’s poem.

It is Active School Week, and we’re setting a challenge of trying to be active for 60 minutes each day. Attached is a fantastic word wall of a myriad of ways to be active at home. Also attached is a chart you can fill in to keep track of your activity. Please send a photo or two of you doing something active so we can share them on the website and in the next newsletter.

Stay healthy, active and well!

New Admission Policy Draft

Available upon request is a draft Admission Policy for the school. The main changes are that we will no longer take pre-enrolment applications. Those that have been submitted previously will be honoured, but soon there will be a period each year when the application process will open. Another major change is that siblings will be given priority. If the school is oversubscribed, places will be offered according to a child’s age. If you have questions or feedback, please email.