Dear Children and Parents,

I hope you all are well. We hope that you are managing the challenging situation in ways that are positive for your families.

Many thanks to everyone for all your efforts in engaging with the learning plans sent by teachers this past week, and sincere thanks to all the staff for their ongoing work and communication with families. We continue to stress that these learning activities are a menu of suggestions, acknowledging that many factors make it difficult for families to implement them. It is a learning process for us all, and we continue to welcome feedback.

I made another video message for everyone

Our Spring Break has arrived, and while the usual activities may not be able to happen, we’d encourage everyone to take a genuine break. That’s why we won’t be sending out formal learning activities. Instead, we’d encourage you to continue to read, find enjoyable activities you can do together and cherish each other’s company as best as possible.

A special thank you and acknowledgement to all the members of our school community who are frontline workers. Sincere thanks to you all for your ongoing work to keep people safe, healthy, fed and supported.

Finally, hats off to all the children. They are managing a new reality with creativity, kindness and positivity. And a big cheer for all the parents. You continue to give your all to support your children. Enjoy the next two weeks and we’ll be in touch again soon.

Some people in 4th Class made some very impressive creations using old cardboard boxes this week.

Take care of each other!

Child-Friendly Resources

Here are some helpful resources to discuss the coronavirus with your children. The first is a child friendly book written by an Irish children’s nurse, Molly Watts.

Another resource is attached which is a social story to share with children if they are in the situation that they require a virus test. More resources are available here: