End-of-Term Potlucks and Assemblies

Please note that the 4th Class assembly and potluck has been postponed until Friday, the 10th January due to illness in the class. All the other assemblies will begin at 13.00 and will be followed by a potluck in the hall. The yard will be open for parking from 12.45. The dates for the assemblies are below: Monday, 16th December – 3rd Class Tuesday, 17th December – 1st and 2nd Classes Wednesday, 18th December – Infants Families with children in Junior Infants, 1st and 3rd classes are asked to bring something savoury. Families of children in Senior Infants and 2nd class should bring something sweet. If parents are available to help with set-up and clean-up, we’d appreciate your assistance. A sign-up sheet has been posted on the notice board near the office.

Tree Planting

We’ll plant trees that the school received as part of the Science Festival. We’re asking children to dress as their favourite superheroes on Wednesday as we celebrate being Climate Change Heroes.

Final Day of the Term

Our final day of the term will be Friday, 20th December. We will have an early dismissal that day at 12.00. Everyone is encouraged to wear their favourite winter jumper and donate €2 to Crumlin Children’s Hospital that day. We’ll have a special disco and more fun activities. A reminder that the school re-opens on Monday, 6th January.

Board of Management

Apologies for the error made regarding the name of one the new parent nominees in the last newsletter. Liz Daly and Aneil Rawat were elected. Below are the minutes of the first meeting. The six board members have appointed Elaine Keane and Louise Shields as community nominees on the new Board.

Food Dudes

We have now entered phase two of the Food Dudes programme. Every child received a special lunchbox. Each day children should bring in a fruit and a vegetable. Certificates will be presented to children who bring in vegetables and fruit as part of their lunch. This can be anything of their choosing.

Accommodation for Student

A visiting student from Spain will be working in the school from January for several months. If any family is interested in providing accommodation, please email Matt for more details.

New Afterschool Clubs

The afterschool clubs for the new term will be announced in the next newsletter. They will not begin until the second week after the break, from Monday, 10th January on-wards.

Second class spotted a robin on a recent nature walk in Barna Woods.

Knocknacarra Educate Together NS – Board of Management Meeting – 9th December 2019, 19.00


Paul Adams (chairperson and patron nominee), Maggie Hall (patron nominee), Liz Daly (female parent nominee nominee), Aneil Rawat (male parent nominee), Vivienne Kelly (teacher nominee) and Matt Wallen (principal and secretary) Paul chaired the meeting.

Principal’s Report


o There are currently 158 pupils enrolled in six classes.


o A student from Spain will be working in the school for three months. o We have been given 3 hours additional support teaching in respect of the additional class.

Health and Safety

o A review of the Health and Safety Policy is due.


o Attendance for the year to date is 94.7%. It has been down significantly since the beginning of this month due to illness in some of the classes. 42 children continue to have perfect attendance so far this year. One child has missed 20 days, and this will be reported to Túsla at the end of the month.

Curriculum Development

o The staff discussed and drafted a School Self-Evaluation Report on Numeracy. A School Improvement Plan (SIP) with goals and actions has been agreed and will be considered by the full Board at the next meeting. o The staff has worked on developing a Learn Together Curriculum Plan. This will be discussed further next month as well as the SESE (History, Geography and Science) Curriculum Plan.


o The tenders from contractors for the replacement of doors are due at the end of the week. o The minor works application related to the heating system was approved. The next step is to tender for a consultant for the project. o There are some leaks in the roof. It seems to only be a problem when the rain is particularly heavy and prolonged. It appears to be exacerbated by the design of the roof. The situation will be monitored. Bulbs around the school are being gradually replaced with LED equivalents. o We are in the process of submitting an application for a capacity reduction related to our electricity which has the potential to greatly reduce our bills.


o Several policies are ready for review at the next meeting of the full Board.

Misc. Events/Information

o The school has been awarded the Active Flag. o While great work is underway towards a Green Flag, we have decided to apply for the flag at the beginning of the next academic year. o 2nd and 3rd Class will be attending a bilingual play at the Town Hall Theatre, “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Branar in the last week of school before the winter break. o 4th Class will be returning to Bushfield Care Centre next week to sing music and meet the residents. o The Junior Infants will be going to the Teddy Bear’s Hospital in January. o The Food Dudes programme has been delivered. The second phase begins tomorrow as children are encouraged to bring in fruit and veg every day in boxes that were provided to them today. o End-of-the year assemblies and potlucks take place next week.

Financial Report

The accounts were reviewed. A major expense has been the school’s insurance policy. The receipt of the first grant from the Department is imminent. It is important to try to apply for the reduction in capacity for the electricity. Accounts will be certified as soon as possible.

Community Nominees

The Board had a brief discussion on potential skills required for community nominees. Elaine Keane and Louise Shields are willing to continue on the Board for another term as community nominees, and Matt will contact them.