School Closure

A reminder that the school will be closed on Friday, 1st December 2023.  Afterschool @ KETNS will host a one-day camp.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Many thanks to all the teachers for their extra efforts this week to prepare for the parent-teacher meetings and sincere thanks to all the parents for attending.  If you ever would like to make an appointment to talk with your child’s teacher, phone the school or send an email to your child’s teacher (use your child’s teacher’s first name followed by as the email address). 

Wellbeing Survey – Last Call

We have received many responses to our survey for parents on wellbeing.  Thank you to those who completed the survey online or a paper copy they received at the parent-teacher meetings.  If you haven’t had a chance, please complete the survey at by Monday as the staff will begin to review the data next week.  Thanks!

KETNS Kindness Collection

We have been so impressed by the level of generosity in our school community.  Many thanks for all your donations.  We have already had SVP pick up some items because we were running out of space in the school!  Tomorrow, Thursday 30th November is the last day to bring in items.  Well done, everyone!

World Children’s Day

Monday, 20th November was a very busy day as we marked World Children’s Day.  The Student Council organized many activities including facepainting, a huge banner, writing about why rights are important and having a disco.  We were featured on Galway Bay FM.  You can listen back here:  We also were visited by RTÉ who broadcast a report about the day on the 13.00 and 18.00 news.  It was also played the following day on News2Day, the RTÉ children’s news programme.  You can view the report at this link:

It has also been great to have children leading lessons and two children from each class are enjoyed taking turns as Principal for an Hour.  We will continue to work on ways to promote children’s voices in the school as well as children’s awareness of their rights.  Many thanks to the Student Council for all their efforts.

A group of principals hard at work designing a revised school logo for our 10th year (check out the homepage)!

Science Week Workshops

5th and 6th Class attended a workshop at the Galway City Museum last week.  3rd and 4th Class had a great time at Brigit’s Garden learning about energy.  We welcomed visitors from Brigit’s Garden who did energy workshops at the school with Senior Infants, 1st Class and 2nd Class.

3rd and 4th Class having fun at Brigit’s Garden