On Thursday Shifu Niall O’Floinn and Cathy provided a taster lesson to our Second, Third and Fourth year classes. Toy swords and fans were used !

Second Class learning about Tai Chi
Second class practicing Tai Chi while waiting to take up the swords.

This is how you do it.
Well Done !
Like this, good !

Shifu Niall showing second class a Tai Chi sword movement

Third Class doing Tai Chi with Fan, Cathy showing them how its done.
Now we’ll try some Tai Chi using swords. Toy ones of course, Third Class can’t wait !
Third Class are naturals
Third class doing Tai Chi

Now its Fourth Class’s turn to do some Tai Chi with Shifu Niall
Here they are practicing with swords
Even Matt is getting involved
Fourth Class doing Tai Chi with Fans