School Fitness Ireland paid our school a visit today and held a session with each class.

The music was up beat and pumping, the moves were fast and furious it was hard to tell if the kids were exercising or dancing. All I know is they had great fun !

Our Senior Infants stood in a really big circle and followed the leader.

Senior Infants running on the spot
Froggy legs !
Press Ups or is it the plank ?
Its all so very tiring !
Free Expression !!

Second Class started of with a few squats
Jumping up and down
Looks like Second class are walking on the moon…No they’re taking really big steps
A bit of boxing practice

Fourth Class getting active with School Fitness Ireland
Marching on the spot. Left Right, Left Right…
Swing to the Right…
Swing to the Left
Dancing or exercising….what ever its all fun and very warm work
Rolling Up
Rolling on down