Sports Day
Many thanks to all the parent volunteers for helping us have a fantastic Sports Day. It was so nice to have so many willing parents present to lead the activities and
make the day run smoothly. All the teams cooperated so well together. Everyone had a very active, fun day that was capped off with ice cream in the yard. Keep on the lookout for a forthcoming post on the school’s Facebook page with more pictures from the day. For those interested in knowing the results, here are the top four teams and their point totals:

  • 1st Place – Team 9 – 563 points
  • 2nd Place – Team 1 – 519 points
  • 3rd Place – Team 17 – 505 points
  • 4th Place – Team 5 – 504 points

End-of-Year Information
Your child’s end-of-year report is now available through Aladdin Connect. Should you wish to speak to your child’s teacher about the report, please send an email or phone the office to request a call-back.

Each class is producing an end-of-year video to share with parents. Early next week you will receive a link to the video in an email, with the exception of the 6th Class
video who will be premeire their video at their graduation ceremony on Tuesday.

Our final school day is Thursday, 30th June. There will be an early dismissal that day at 11.50 for Infants and 12.00 for other classes.

Voluntary Contribution
We would normally ask families to consider making a voluntary contribution to the school in the spring of each year. Voluntary contributions have helped us keep costs down for parents and support special activities. For example, we have paid for transport for all excursions, purchased new equipment, maintained our school building and supported the learning experience of the children in our school. These
contributions also support special events. Circumstances remain very difficult for many families at present, and we understand that making a contribution this year may not be possible as many families continue to face financial insecurity. If you
happen to be in the position to support the school with a contribution, you are welcome to make a bank transfer.

Also, we are able to accept credit-card payments for voluntary contributions on our website. Please visit If families are in
the position of being able to make a voluntary contribution of €250 or more, the school can claim an additional amount from Revenue under the Charitable Donations Scheme.

Summer Camps
Afterschool @ KETNS is hosting a summer camp every week during July. Please speak to Jenni if you would like more information. Also, there will be an art and
yoga camp organised by Sara Falvey for two weeks in August at the school. More information is available at:
Sara Falvey Yoga | Kids Yoga and Art Summer Camps Galway.

Children not Returning to the School
We’d kindly ask anyone whose child will not be returning to the school this autumn to let us know as there are a number of families on waiting lists interested in a place in the school. Just reply to this email or ring the office.

6th Class Play
Heartiest congratulations to 6th Class for their incredible performance of As You Like It by William Shakespeare. They performed this challenging play, complete with an 80s soundtrack, and it was fantastic to see them perform with such confidence and energy. Bravo!

Sock Competition
It was with great excitement that we received two amazing parcels yesterday. Joanna, of Irish Socksociety, delivered the socks to 2nd and 6th Class designed by Mia and Sasa. Many of their classmates put them on immediately, and it was lovely to see their designs turned into amazing pairs of socks! Well done to our two designers and big thanks to Joanna for making this wonderful event possible.

Mia’s design includes the school logo, books, balls,
paintbrushes and exclaims, “School is cool!”
Sasa explained her design by writing, “These socks
remind me of my school because we are about
equality.” The cow print represents different people
coming together, and the socks declare, “We are all

City Sports
Well done to the 24 children who represented our school at the City Sports competition. All of them ran excellent races, and several made it to the final races.