Sports Day
Our Sports Day will now take place one day earlier, on Monday, 20th June from 9.30-12.30, to accommodate the last swimming sessions later that week. A series of
activities have been chosen, and children will work together in mixed-age teams. We would greatly appreciate more parent volunteers to lead the activities, and all guidance will be provided to make it an easy and enjoyable task. Please sign-up here:

Parking and Drop-off and Collection
Continued thanks for your cooperation in keeping the drop-off and collection smooth and safe. A friendly reminder to look out for others, especially children,
and to maximise capacity for other cars by parking sensibly. Also, thanks for continuing to show respect to our neighbours by not entering the estates and not
blocking the traffic flow.

Either on Friday or early this week, your child will bring home his/her portfolio. These are a great record of your child’s learning. Please take some time to look
through the portfolio together. In most cases, portfolios should be returned to school by the end of the week unless you have different directions from your child’s class teacher. As always, if you would like to meet with a teacher, please email or ask for a return phone call by phoning the office. Written year-end reports will issue later this month.

Music Generation
It has been great to have music lessons occurring regularly this term, both small-group violin lessons and ukulele lessons for 3rd and 4th Class. We are grateful to
Music Generation Galway and their teachers, Ingrid and Francesco, for providing this opportunity.

In-person Assemblies
It has been wonderful to gather again as a whole school for our regular assemblies, trying for the first time outdoor gatherings. Special thanks to the 6th Class children who have led them.

Special thanks to Marina, who has returned to Spain, for her
many contributions during her placement including teaching
a song in Spanish to the Senior Infants.
6th Class wore their class hoodies at the recent assembly