New Advice Regarding Close Contacts
Some changes have been made related to the advice for close contacts. For full details, please visit the HSE website. If you have questions, feel free to contact Claudia or Matt.

Drop-off and Collection
Continued thanks for your cooperation in making the drop-off and collection times safe for everyone. Please remember that the first big gate should only be used by staff cars. All pedestrians and cyclists should enter and exit the school through the next set of pedestrian gates. Also, please take time to look out for each other at this
times to keep everyone safe. And a big thank you for parking responsibly and in consideration of our neighbours and each other.

Boats and Birds

After being displayed in many places and environments, the ceramic boats the children made with Tatiana have made their way back to the school. Tatiana, with the help of a small 6th Class crew, hung the boats on the boundary wall of the school. They look incredible! Birds and small bird houses that were made a long time ago
have also been placed around the school grounds.

Collection for Focus Ireland
Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our collection for Focus Ireland at the end of the term. €255 was raised.

New Path
Many thanks to the Galway City Council for resurfacing and improving the path adjacent to the school. It is a welcome improvement and will support all the cyclists and pedestrians as they make their way to and from school.

Schools all over the country walked in memory of Aisling Murphy because words failed them. On Friday, all the classes walked in solidarity with and support to her family, friends, students and colleagues in Scoil Colmcille in Durrow where Aisling taught Rang a 1. May she rest in peace.