Drop Off and Collection

Many thanks for your continued cooperation with drop-off and collection after school. The Board has kindly asked parents to wear a face covering, as it can be difficult to maintain physical distance. This is particularly important if a parent needs to give a quick message to a teacher. A reminder that you are welcome to email your teacher to make an appointment for a longer conversation. Your child’s teacher will then phone you. We’d also kindly ask that dogs not be brought into the school grounds with the exception of service dogs.

Tomorrow’s Virtual Coffee Morning for Galway Hospice

While it has been a tradition to have a coffee morning to support Galway Hospice, the current situation requires it to be a bit different. Therefore, we are asking children to bring in a special treat for themselves to enjoy during the day (Friday, 2nd October), and we will make a collection for Galway Hospice. No donation is too big or too small. Money raised will be set aside for three days and later counted. Thanks in advance for your support.

Evasion Games

This new afterschool club will start on 12th October and continue on subsequent Mondays for 9 weeks. Details are below. Senior Infants will have a session from 13.30-14.30. Then 1st to 5th Classes, subject to sufficient interest in each class, will be from 14.30-15.30 with the participants kept in their class bubbles. The cost is €45, which can be paid at the end of the first session. The activity will take place outdoors, so children must dress for all types of weather. To book, email Claudia (secretary@ketns.ie).

Welcome to Evasion Games. My name is Christian Short, and I am the father of Isaac and Jonah Short. I am the Director of Rugby at Galway Bay Rugby Club based in McGraths Field, Knocknacarra on Saturday mornings. Over the next 9 weeks I will introduce the children to Evasion games. Using fun small sided games to challenge the children’s fundamental movement skill.

With a gamification approach to each session, we have incorporated the language the children use every day with their friends. This approach helps create a learning environment, challenging the children to communicate, be creative, make decision, think individually and collectively, collaborate and work in a team, problem solve and personal mastery. The idea is that as coaches we will give the children choice within the session. Empowering the children to make decisions and lead will see children get more out of the sessions. This type of environment allows the children to gain confidence from teammates. As coaches we are guilty of giving the children to much information and telling them what to do. Starving the children of information (rules) during training gets them to collaborate, be creative and problem solve. We want the players to “BEAT THE GAME”. The mantra at Galway RFC is “SMILES ON FACES AND BODIES IN MOTION”. This how we judge the success of our sessions. If the kids are smiling and moving, we are getting it right. I look forward to seeing the children on 12th October. Christian