Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent-Teacher Meetings will take place on Monday, 18th November from 14.45 to 17.45 and Wednesday, 20th November from 14.45 to 18.45.  Appointments will be made solely through Aladdin Connect.  A link to how to sign up will be sent out this week.  If you are having any problems, please email Matt or speak to Claudia.  Please note, the school day will end at 14.15 instead of 14.30 on both days to facilitate the meetings.    . 

Maths Survey

Many thanks to everyone who completed the math’s survey.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, please do so before the end of the week using this link:

Election of Parent Nominees to the Board of Management

As there are two nominations for both male and female parent nominee, we will be having an election.  One ballot per family  will be given to the youngest sibling in their homework folders on Thursday.  Each family may vote for one female nominee and one male nominee.  The ballot can be returned to the purple post box by the main entrance to the school anytime but no later than Thursday, 14th November.  The candidates are as follows:

Female Parent Nominees

Liz Daly (parent of Robbie, 1st Class)

“I’m a Galway native and my youngest child is in first class in the school. I also have two teenage daughters who attended Galway ETNS. I was a physics researcher for many years before taking a career break to be at home with my children.”

Kathy Murphy (parent of Cate, 2nd Class)

“I’m interested in becoming the Parent Nominee for the KETNS Board of Management. I’m curious to know more about the workings of the board and how I can support our school’s development. I’m grateful that my children have the good fortune to go to a school with such a strong ethos of inclusion, compassion and a thirst for learning. This environment is created and sustained by a staff and parent body that cares about each individual. I am encouraged by that passion look for my opportunity to serve.”

Male Parent Nominees:

Daniel Ilie (parent of Delia in Senior Infants and Tudor in 2nd Class)

Daniel works as a software architect for a multi-national company. Part of his role is to provide clarity, employ creativity and manage complexity of engineering systems. He provides leadership to the software team in their delivery of software, while empowering team members to explore new concepts and ideas by delivering learning moments and technical presentations.

Aneil Rawat (parent of Abigail in Junior Infants and Ella-Rose in 1st Class)

Aneil, a father of three with two attending KETNS, is an Accountant with experience of auditing on behalf of Schools and Non-Profits.