New Video Message

We are nearing the end of the school year, and I continue to admire the hard work of children, parents and teachers who are doing so many creative things to continue the learning process.

Here is a new video message.

Home Learning Activities

New videos have been uploaded to the website


There is a fantastic cooking/science video made by Ella to make Foamsicles. Ranya has made a wonderful guided breathing video. There is also a new video of Niall, Vivienne’s son, challenging us all to try to spin a basketball on one finger. A second Spanish lesson with Lucía has been added. There is a fun trivia quiz about famous places in Galway created by Vivienne and suitable for the whole family. There is also a new aeronautics and engineering challenge to make flying straws. A few more videos will be added next week, and we welcome any parent or child to make one to share. This can be a great resource for activities over the summer.

Exchange of Reading Books

The school will be open again on Monday (22th June) from 10-12 to bring back any reading books you have and get new ones. We’d be happy to print anything required. We will organise the return of these books as well as devices and book rental schoolbooks for the following week.

Events for Our Last Week

This coming week is the last week of school. To mark this, we will be having a week-long Virtual Sports Day. Each day there will be a new active challenge added to the school website. Many classes will be taking virtual school tours. All classes will have a virtual assembly using Google Meets. Specific information about this will be sent in a separate email to each class. You can login to Aladdin Connect to grant permission. A video…

has been created to help you prepare for the assembly. We look forward to acknowledging and celebrating.

End-of-year Reports

End-of-year Reports will be accessible via Aladdin Connect from Monday. Please contact teachers via email if you have any questions regarding the reports. If you have difficulty accessing the report, please email Matt. If you would like a hard copy, these can be collected from the school on Monday and Wednesday mornings next week from 9-12.

Provisional Calendar and Next Autumn

The provisional calendar for next year is included in this newsletter. We plan to start back on 31st August 2020, pending further guidance from the Department of Education and Skills regarding the reopening of the school. When plans are confirmed regarding the safe reopening of the school, we will be in contact with families as soon as possible. The announcement of teachers for each class for next year will be made as soon as recruitment is finalised, most likely in midsummer. Thanks for your patience as we work out the details for the new academic year.