Welcome back to another week. It’s great to see the sun shining. There will be some new ways of interacting within our school community. You can view the latest video message for everyone below.

Most classes will begin using Seesaw this week. Fourth Class will continue to use Google Classroom. Both are great platforms for improving the distance learning experience. We hope it will allow for greater communication.

A reminder that we are setting up a mobile phone for greater two-way communication. The number is 089 2477544. We will be using it to contact families via Skype, so please add this number to your phone so you can recognise it when we call. If you need to reach Matt, you can ring this number as he will have the actual phone. If you need to contact a teacher, you can email them to request a call-back.

Thanks to everyone for staying in touch. We miss you all and greatly enjoying hearing from you. Take care!

Seesaw Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out this platform with the younger classes. If you are having any trouble gaining access, view this video. Feel free to email your child’s teacher at any time for assistance. We also hope to expand out interaction in other ways.

Happiness Fourth Class collaborated on a list poem this week. Here are some of the lines composed by the class, many from Maria and Affan’s poems as well as other lines written by the class.
Happiness is sleeping well with calming dreams.
Happiness is a comet coming past Earth.
Happiness is when your siblings don’t lie down on you.
Happiness is the couch.

Happiness is playing with your pets, watching them do silly and amusing things and watching them play fight with each other.
Happiness is talking to friends online during quarantine.
Happiness is having good weather so I can go in my back garden and go on my trampoline.
Happiness is sitting on the bench outside with my parents and cats.
Happiness is a poem that rhymes.
Happiness is still getting to talk to my friends at school on Roblox.
Happiness is when your dog chooses to sit with you over anybody else in the room.
Happiness is when you see a falling star and make a wish.
Happiness is taking pictures at the front of the house and smelling the fresh air.
Happiness is when you have alone time to do your favourite things.
Happiness is when you eat your favourite food.
Happiness is when your fish does a backflip.
Happiness is going to different countries you haven’t been to.
Happiness is when you go to sleep.
Happiness is fun.
Happiness is the sun.
Happiness is a smile.
Happiness is style.
Happiness is spring.
Happiness is swing.
Happiness is being kind and grateful to everyone else.

We received a few more pictures of everyone staying active! Well done!