Spring Break

The school will be closed for Spring Break at 12.00 on Friday, 12th April.  The school will re-open on Monday, 29th April. 

Spring Fair

Lots of preparation is in progress for the Spring Fair that will take place on Saturday, 6th April from 12.00-16.00.  Attached are the minutes from the last Parent-Teacher Association Meeting.  We thank everyone in advance for their help in making our annual fundraiser a great success.

  • Raffle tickets will be sent home tomorrow.  These can be sold in advance.  If you are unable to sell the tickets, please return them to Claudia.  Please return ticket stubs and money to Claudia.  If you would like additional tickets, they will be available.  Many thanks to the parents who helped prepare the tickets today.
  • Volunteers are needed on the day.  A sign-up sheet will be posted on the notice board by the entrance to the halla and the front office.  We hope everyone can manage to give 30 minutes to volunteer in some way on the day.
  • We need bakers for the café.  If you’re not inclined to bake, you are welcome to purchase other items for the café.  A list will be posted on the noticeboard.
  • A has been set up.  Please like and share it. 
  • Please consider walking or cycling on the day as parking will be limited.
  • We’re looking for donations for the book stall.  Books in good condition can be dropped to the school at any time.

Parent-Teacher Association Meeting

The next PTA meeting will take place this Wednesday, 27th March at 19.30. 

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Bhí tionól speisialta agus Tráth na gCeist.  Bhaineamar an-taitneamh as an gceoldráma Jeaic agus Gas Pónaire le Rang a hAon.

We had a special assembly as well a Table Quiz during Seachtain na Gaeilge. 

Everyone also enjoyed the Jack and the Beanstalk performed by First Class. 

Active School Questionnaire

If you haven’t already, please complete the survey about physical activity and our work towards the Active Flag at https://surveyhero.com/c/8624923c

Engineers’ Week

Big thanks to Daniel, Tudor and Delia’s dad, who did exciting engineering activities with all the classes last Friday as a capstone to Engineers’ Week.

PTA Meeting – Wednesday, March 13th 2019                                             

Present – 15: Marie, Natasha, Diana, Aga, Sandra, Liz, Emilia, Clare, Cinzia, Jose, Jessica, Maggie, Matt, Karolina, Trish

Spring Fair – Sat 6th April 2019, 12noon to 4pm

Raffle Tickets

  • Maggie – getting quotes for printing
  • Other option (90€) to print in school and get a team of people in to cut, perforate, staple books and number
  • Need to do this Thur/Fri 21/22 March to be ready to send home with kids on Fri 22nd.
  • Need Volunteers to Help Class parents’ reps to put a message out on Whatsapp to recruit helpers


  • Matt will draw up parking plan and use chalk on the day to mark out parking places on front yard
  • ~30 parking spaces behind Steiner school will be for workers and craft stall personnel on the day        
  • Volunteers helping could give a free coffee tickets to people who do not drive – still to be decided
  • Need Volunteers to Help

Bouncy Castles

  • 3 ordered – Clare thinks they are wired for music, but she will check with the supplier
  • Clare to contact them to arrive at 11.15am on the day
  • Will be set up on the grass playing field
  • Will charge 2€ per child for use all day – controlled by a hand stamp
  • Need Volunteers to Help

1st Class Activities

  • Will be set up on the grass playing field. Dan will be organising this and supervision.

Craft Market

  • Karolina has 17 stalls booked – more space is available
  • Two rooms – 1st and 2nd classes

Book Stall

  • One room – TBD
  • Class parents’ reps to put a message out on Whatsapp to get book donations of kids and adult books
  • Hardcover books 2€, Adult books 1€, Kids books 0.50€

Plants Stall

  • Matt has plant pots
  • Sandra and Liz to come in Friday 15th March and go to each class to sew a few seeds in small pots      
  • Sandra will bring compost and get seeds from B&Q and give receipt to Matt
  • Ideas for seeds: beans, courgettes, peas, carrots, spring onions, beetroot, sweet pea, radish, rocket, lettuce, pumpkins
  • Need Volunteers to Help


  • One room – Empty classroom
  • Tickets will be sold at the raffle ticket desk
  • Matt will go first, Matt will contact others

Face painting

  • One room – Junior Infants classroom
  • Aga will be a painter and will print out about 6 design options for the kids to choose from
  • Need Volunteers to Help/Painters
  • (note after meeting – may need face paints as well)


  • One room – The Halla
  • Diana will work with Vivienne on this
  • Matt is ordering compost able coffee cups
  • Class parents’ reps to put a message out on Whatsapp asking parents to:
    • Bake or buy cakes or cold savoury – no hot food
    • Or supply crisps or popcorn
  • We will use the reusable plastic plates and cutlery and cups for kid’s drinks
  • Need Volunteers to Help

Raffle + Workshop Tickets

  • One table just inside the main door
  • Need Volunteers to Help


  • One room – Senior Infants after 13.30
  • The school has lights and a sound system
  • Need Volunteers to Help


  • Karolina and Trish to make them
    • Indoors: Arrows, Market (2), Book and Plants Stalls (1), Workshops (1), Face Painting (1), Café (2), Raffle (2), Disco
    • Outdoors: Parking – In and Out, sandwich board with 2 posters on corner beside school, end of road at Cappagh road junction 2 signs – one for traffic in each direction

Money Floats for Stalls

Need Volunteers to Help

Invite the neighbours

  • Need 3 or 4 teams of 2 people to go around the neighbouring houses inviting the neighbours to attend
  • Need Volunteers to Help

Sign Up Sheets

Class parents’ reps to put a message out on Whatsapp requesting parents to go into the school and sign up on the time-sheet to help on the day. The event will be broken into 30-minute time slots for volunteer timings.
Next Meeting: Wed 27th March 2019, 19.30